A carnivorous husband’s response to “Saving the world… or perhaps my own butt”

Disclaimer: There is an entirely real chance I may come off as a complete whiner. In my defense, I love meat.

About a month ago, my wife convinced me to watch “Forks over Knives”, and even I couldn’t predict what would happen afterwards. This was not the first documentary on food or the food industry we’ve watched over the years (Super Size Me and Food, Inc. come to mind), but it has had the most significant effect.

On the Our Family page, I am mis-portrayed as somebody who was born and raised on meat and potatoes, but who is willing to give fruits and veggies a try. The truth is that I am a Nebraskan, born and bred, and that in the eyes of my fellow Nebraskans, beef is second only to Husker football. (“The beef state” appeared on our license plates until the mid-1960s, when it was replaced by “The cornhusker state”.)

In other words, we gather around our respective altars of sacrifice, bearing bags of charcoal and corn-fed beef. If you want to say thank you to a true Nebraskan, please consider either Husker season tickets or one of the gift packages from Omaha Steaks.

To say a Nebraskan is raised on meat and potatoes is an understatement, to be sure.

This was not an easy choice.

I’m the founder of Building Heroes, which empowers people to identify and act on their core values, committing themselves to living extraordinary lives. One of the core principles of Building Heroes is to challenge yourself to do the right thing, which often involves making a sacrifice for a cause, an issue, or a person you believe in.

In this case, I believe in my family and my wife, as well as my health and my ability to live a long life for those people I care for.

My best guess (and hope-since I’m sacrificing my carnivorous ways) is that my body and health will witness significant results. Coincidentally, I just completed a wellness assessment last week at work. I’m providing my results in this most public of venues for evaluative and scientific reasons. (No jokes or free medical advice, please.) So, here is the “tale of the tape”:

  • Age: 33 years old
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 229 pounds
  • BMI: 31.1
  • Blood Pressure: 158/100
  • Total Cholesterol: 165
  • HDL: 32
  • LDL: 106
  • Triglycerides: 137
  • Glucose: 81

So, that’s me pre-FOK (Forks over Knives). I’ll see you on the flip side. Now, if you excuse me, I have to complete my bucket list for carnivores by the end of the week… (Any recommendations for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area? Leave a comment.)

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About ThePowerButton.Org

Chad Ellsworth is an Academic & Career Coach for the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration and Academic Advisor for the College of Biological Sciences at the University of Minnesota. From 2004-2011, he served as Program Director for the Office for the Fraternity & Sorority Life, where he advised and mentored student leaders, developed educational and leadership programs, and served as a liaison for the fraternity and sorority community to the campus and Twin Cities communities. In addition, he is an instructor in the Leadership Minor at the University of Minnesota, teaching Personal Leadership in the University. For two years, Chad also served as President of the Board of Directors for the educational non-profit organization HazingPrevention.Org, and continues to serve as a volunteer for this incredible organization. He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2001 with a bachelor of arts degree in Latino and Latin American Studies, and from the University of Maryland-College Park in 2004 with a master of arts degree in Counseling and Personnel Services. He is a proud member of Theta Chi Fraternity (Alpha Upsilon/University of Nebraska-Lincoln '01).

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