The Perils of Grocery Shopping

Completely gutting and restocking a kitchen is no easy (or inexpensive) task.  This was made even more challenging by the fact that my typical grocery store, Cub, did not carry everything I needed.  I certainly tried to find it all there.  I went through Cub’s aisles two, three, four times to find things in the back of my mind I knew weren’t there.  In fact, I think at one point, I closed my eyes and tried to will a product onto the shelf; it didn’t work.

In order to get the remaining items on my list, I needed to go to a “foodie” market.  I was scared.

Why?  First, it was a new experience.  I am not known for being good with change.  If I could find everything I needed at one store, I would be perfectly content shopping there for the rest of my life.  Second, I don’t know where anything is.  I am going into a brand new store with NO idea how to find the things I need.  I’m not sure what nutritional yeast is… how on earth am I supposed to figure out where it is in the store?

On the recommendation of a friend, my family and I went to Mississippi Market in St. Paul. (I made the whole family come – safety in numbers!) However, I had reservations about it before even stepping through the door.  Mississippi Market is a Co-op.  Can I even shop at a Co-op?  Don’t you have to pay a premium and pick your own tomatoes to share? I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I was pleasantly surprised when walking through the door.  There was no cover charge, my family and I were more than welcome, and I found the nutritional yeast much quicker than I anticipated. (It’s the the bulk section for anyone searching for it.) The organic prices were similar to those at Cub, and they had a much wider selection of vegan friendly foods. The young man that worked there was even kind enough to help me find a couple of things once I worked up the courage to ask. (Okay, my husband asked… I’m also notoriously stubborn.)

I’m still not 100% comfortable with finding things at the store, and I still may use Cub for some of my non-specialized basics, but I happy to have found a store that is able to help our family lead our plant-strong life!

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